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We offer containerised storage, with a stock of over 400 water-tight containers.

Goods can be picked up and loaded into a container which is then stored on our secure premises until it is ready to be delivered.

By doing this, we aim to reduce unnecessary handling of your possessions.

Containers are stored within our security yard and in fully secure warehouses. Containers can be sealed and locked by us or, if required, with a client’s own padlock. This high level of security, coupled with the warehouses modern fire and flood protection provides our clients with peace of mind.

Goods are picked up and delivered using specialised container-carrying vehicles and a nation-wide service is available using the greatly improved rail network.

Due to the wide range of services offered by the company, We are able to pick-up and receive large amounts of furniture, shop fittings and related equipment, store them for short or long periods of time and redeliver them, all with a minimum of fuss.

Talk to us today for a solution to your storage needs.