Early furniture moving and storage in Adelaide

ABOUT Our Furniture Moving and Storage in Sydney

Since the late 1800a??s, the name Pedemont has been associated with furniture moving and storage. The company was established by Joe Pedemont and has always been a family business, being maintained through successive generations of the Pedemont family.

At the heart of the business are the present owners, Tony and Dell Pedemont.

Embarking on the business as the 4th consecutive generation, they were aware of the reputation they were committing to uphold, and in turn they have provided un-compromised dedication to the transport industry since 1978.

The introduction of the 5th generation has seen some progressive building on foundations which have been established over the past 100 years.

The diversity of the business combined with a nationwide presence gives this company the ability to provide efficiencies without sacrificing the level of service that our brand represents.